OTA - Over The Air
Over the Air is the oldest technology for the transmission of Television signals to homes. It has been used in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia since the 1950's.
With technology changes OTA has taken a huge leap forward over the past several years. The major change is that the old style analogue transmitters used to broadcast the signals OTA have gone digital, making a dramatic improvement in reception now known as Digital High Definition TV.
These signals have improved so dramatically that digital VHF and UHF produces picture and sound quality far supperior to any digital cable box or satellite service.
When it comes to paying for basic cable and still not getting a digital picture or HD, and then paying monthly for HD and still not getting the quality of OTA, it makes no sense. Once you have made the investment in OTA then you have no monthly bills, and you will receive your basic local networks at much higher quality and if you have a HDTV you will bring out the best picture capability from your expensive TV.
Finally Over the Air ( OTA ) gives us a real alternative to paying for basic cable services. Not only does it give us another choice for basic networks but the picture quality is far superior to and cable or satellite service. The greatest advantage of OTA is there is no monthly fees and you get HDTV.