Why Certify?
Standardize work is essential in today's market. Certification helps to produce a definable and repeatable process that guarantees efficient and maximum workflow at all times (e.g. ISO or QS). Label certification is a necessary step in the flow to ensure the supplier has an understanding of what is required to generate proper labels for their client, as well as maintain good quality barcodes.

Suppliers certify their labels to demonstrate the ability to produce a syntactically and dimensionally correct shipping label.

Aalstec's certification process is not only to help ensure the supplier can produce accurate shipping label, but also to give the supplier best practices to aid in the process of ensuring good quality barcodes every time.

If a supplier produces a bad label, that supplier should be fined. A check should be performed to determine if the supplier's label has been certified. If the label has not been certified then they should be directed to Aalstec and put through the certification process. If the supplier has certified the label, they should be directed to consult with Aalstec in order to correct the problem and maintain good quality barcodes.

Through certification Aalstec can provide resources to those who do not have the time to implement proper procedures for producing compliant labels. Aalstec can also aid the supplier through consultancy, education, and provide tools necessary to maintain optimal bar code labels.