Wireless Data Collection

A Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is a flexible data communications system that can either replace or extend a wired LAN to provide added functionality.

WLAN provides all the features and benefits of traditional LAN technologies like Ethernet and Token Ring, but without the limitations of being tethered to a cable. This provides greatly increased freedom and flexibility.

No Longer does an infrastructure need to be solid and fixed, difficult to move and expensive to change. Instead, it can move with the user and change as fast as the organization does.

Flexible Reconfiguration - when a manufacturer redesigns or retools the shop floor, the wireless system can be reconfigured by simply moving the terminals to their new location.

Manufacturing and warehousing sector can benefit from wireless LANs through stock control, rapid redeployment of network components, and mobile access to network information.

Online Warehouse Vehicles - connecting forklift truck terminals to the network enables mobile connectivity regardless of the environment they traverse.

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